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Balance classes

Balance class

Are you struggling with balance or instability? Do you have less confidence moving around your house or out in the community?

Our balance class is aimed at helping you to work on postural control and balance. You will perform a variety of exercises and tasks which promote capacity and minimize risk of falling. This group has a maximum of 3 participants to 1 therapist toallow for close attention and assistance, adjustment of your exercises as needed, and getting feedback about how you are performing your exercises.

Balance class is designed to:

  • Improve sensation and awareness
  • Increase muscle strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Improve ability to stabilize on different surfaces and negotiate obstacle
  • Correct and improve posture and balance, and minimize risks of falls
  • Complete functional tasks which help you to gain more confidence in your home and in the community

Prior to beginning balance classes, you will have an individual assessment with one of our therapists to assess your capacity and discuss how we can help you work towards your goals. You will perform a variety of seated and standing exercises using bodyweight exercises, and equipment to assist and challenge your balance in a safe and comfortable environment.

Neurospace offers balance classes twice a week.

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