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The LSVT program

At the recommendation of my neurologist, I undertook the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program in mid-2016. My voice had been failing for the better part of a year. It was fragile and unreliable. Some days it was little more than a whisper. Disconcertingly, sentences sometimes failed to launch, if I can put it like that. Social activities became more difficult and my work performance, where I was typically expected to talk to visitors and deliver presentations, went into a worrying decline.
My impressions of the LSVT program were favourable virtually from the outset. I thought the benefits showed up quickly. Within a week or two, I could see a distinct gain in my voice and, with it, a sharp improvement in my confidence. After completing the course, I would recommend it highly to others considering it. The course is a four-week program, and it requires commitment and determination by those undertaking it. But, speaking just about my own case, I definitely found the results to be worthwhile.
I cannot speak too highly of the therapist delivering the program. Nicole always showed a strong sense of engagement with her clients, unfailing good humour, and the commitment to work outside normal work hours to deliver the course. She was patient, thoughtful, and professional. It was my good fortune to have access to the LSVT program and to such capable, professional help.
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