Speech Pathology

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Speech Pathology

speechA Speech Pathologist can offer assessment, intervention and management of communication difficulties. Some examples of communication difficulties include word finding difficulties, difficulties expressing yourself and understanding other, challenges with reading and writing. If you have complex communication needs, a Speech Pathologist can offer assessment and trial of alternative communication aids to enhance your communication participation.

If you have swallowing difficulties, a Speech Pathologist can provide a comprehensive assessment and may recommend changes to your diet and/or fluid consistencies, postural changes and/or adaptive equipment to assist with swallowing.

We can offer:

  • One to one therapy working on your specific goals
  • Training to family and carers to support communication

Neurospace offers Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, or LSVT LOUD, to treat speech and voice disorders in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease.

Download brochure: 2015 Speech Brochure

Download brochure: 2015 Speech LOUD